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Whether you are an avid outback explorer requiring communications on the road, wanting to control devices remotely or working on a project requiring reliable site communications to get the job done safely, efficiently and clearly. Make the right choice.

Beaneys Communications fully support everything we sell and more! We also have experienced staff that can perform in house repairs to almost all communications and associated electronic equipment.

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Remote Site InstallationRemote Area Communications for Rural/Construction/Mining

Remote sites like the one pictured above can operate independently or be linked together to cover great areas. They can be fixed sites or like this one mobile and able to move as the work area does!

By utilising the latest in current Analogue and Digital technology's we can increase the flexibility and capacity of your network and create a seamless migration path from your current system to the next!
GME TX3500
UHF CB and Marine Radio Communications

On the land, UHF CB Radios are great for short range communications while traveling, we have an extensive range of mobile and hand portable units to offer.

Icom M412If you prefer your travels to be more of a nautical nature having a marine VHF radio and epirb are essential items for your safety.
Uniden UH7760
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Uniden UBC355XLTFor those who only wish to listen there is a range of scanners/receivers to suit any purpose.

Icom IC-400PRO
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