The UHF CB has seen many changes over the years most recently of these if the change to narrow band and addition of another 40 CH to make them 80 CH radios.  We supply all the top brands of UHF CB radios, antennas and accessories. And if selling it isn't enough we also install, repair and support our products also. Whether you're  a 4WD Enthusiast, Truck Driver, Farmer, Worker or just a recreational user. We Will have a Solution for you.
Uniden UH8080

Icom IC-M505Icom AIS DisplayMarine Radio

Who doesn't Love Boating?  We all Do! Beaneys Communications have provided and maintain communications for local coastguard operations and we also support them every year with sponsorship because we take safety on the water very seriously this is why you should look no further when you want the best in marine radio communications with brands like Icom,ZCG and GME we can install reliable communications for you to count on when you're out. We don't stop there though we will also wire and install any marine electronics you may require, what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now!

Icom HF RadioHF Radio

Barrett HF RadioUHF CB is fine for short range communications but when you're traveling to the remote corners of the earth hundreds of kilometers form anyone else it is best to have something that can get in contact with someone where there is no services.  The VKS-737 Network is one way but in order to access it you need a HF Radio these are radios that can transmit thousands of kilometers and today are capable of even having internet access to send emails. No matter where you want to go we have the right communications for you.

Simoco XD DMR Base StationPortable and Fixed Systems

Simoco SDM630We can tailor suit a system to your sites requirements and using digital radio technologies available to day even link radio sites located in any location we can get network access. You may be doing pipeline work and require communications for long sections at a time or a delivery company wanting to track and contact their delivery drivers at the touch of a button. What ever the situation we have the solution whether it be Analogue, DMR, P25 or Tetra. No matter the band or the technology we can provide it.
Simoco SDP660
Icom 5063/6063

Icom IC-FR5000/6000

Shared Repeater Services

We have our own Tower with multiple repeaters installed for varying customers and also some dedicated to shared use. Customers on one of our services share the facility with other customers, however because they have different Sub-Tones associated with them you cannot hear each others conversations. as it is shared access may be limited at time due to other customers using it. however we will soon be upgrading and installing a Shared DMR Service which will allow multiple customers access simultaneously. 

GME Tx3600T

Need to monitor Remote sites and activate devices from a distance? We can provide you with several telemetry solutions. come and see us or Contact Us for more info.
Simoco SRM9005

DTV and Satellite Installations

DVB-T  Antenna  We can supply and Install whatever your needs for Digital TV reception or satellite receivers. Portable and Fixed Vast TV installations for travelers and those who live in black spots. Camper TV to Hotel TV to Residential DTV we can provide it all.
GME AE3000 Digital TV antenna

Amateur Radio

Icom IC-7000Icom IC-7600  If Amateur Radio is you hobby then check out our range of antennas and amateur radio sets. We can also recommend the people to help you if you're interested in entering the amateur radio world. 

Icom IC-A210Air Band 

Icom IC-A6  If you're a high Flyer come and check out our Icom Air Band radios and make sure you're always heard clearly.
Icom IC-A110